Q. How do I become a member?

A. If you would like to become a member, please join us at our next event and bring your $100 donation. If you can not attend, please register online become a member and donate via E-Transfer.

Q. How long do the events last?

A. Events will take no more than one hour. Registration starts at 5:30pm. Event takes place from 6:00pm to 7:00pm


Q. Is my donation tax deductible?

A. Yes, by the charity chosen to be the recipient. Your $100 cheque is written directly to the charity, NOT to "100 Guys Who Care".  Tax receipts will be issued to you directly by the charity.  


Q. What if I cannot attend an event?

A. If a member cannot attend a quarterly event, he should place his blank $100 cheque in an envelope marked “100 Guys Who Care” and give it to a fellow member who will be going to the meeting, or send an e-transfer to the group.


Q. Can I just send the donation to the charity myself?

A. You can always donate more to a charity separately on your own but for the purposes of 100 Guys Who Care, we make one big donation as a group. To make a big impact we want to give $10,000+ dollars. 


Q. Is membership limited to 100 guys?

A. Nope, more than 100 are welcome.


Q. What about women?

A. There is already a 100 Women Who Care Sault Ste. Marie group. Our group was inspired by them.

Q. Can I bring a friend to a quarterly meeting?

A. Yes, bring as many friends as you like, but we'll ask them to join as a member at the door. 


Q. What do you do with my personal information?

A. Your personal information (including name, email address, address, phone number) is collected strictly for the purpose of keeping in contact with you. 100 Guys Who Care will not sell, give or otherwise share your personal information with any third party without your express consent, unless required to do so by law. We may occasionally recognize our members via social media and other media. 




Q. How do I nominate a charity?

A. When you arrive at the meeting, you can submit a charity for nomination if you like. (This is not mandatory, though.) 


Q. Which charitable organizations are eligible for consideration by the group?

A. Any local, registered charity that can offer a tax refund to each member is eligible. 





Q. How long has 100 Guys Who Care been around?

A. After reading an article in the Globe & Mail, learning about other 100s and enjoying a discussion with 100 Women Who Care Toronto, planning for 100 Guys Who Care began in May 2014. The first meeting took place on June 18, 2014. It was a big success raising $12,000 for a local drop-in meal program.


Q. How much of my donation goes to the administration costs of 100 Guys Who Care?

A. Zero. 100 Guys Who Care is organized and operated entirely by volunteers. We have no treasurer and we have no bank account - because we don’t collect, spend or donate anything. 100% of funds raised at a meeting go directly to the chosen charity.